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AEROX Fogging Solution
AerOx Medical is a premium and ultra broad spectrum room disinfection product for use in fogging equipment., suitable for demanding situations such as medical environments and in case of emergencies and outbreaks. AerOx Medical is optimized for producing a small particle size, and a highly stable hydrogen peroxide vapor. AerOx Medical is best used in ultrasound fogging equipment. but can also be used in electrical fogging systems. It does not leave unwanted visible residues and all potential residues arc food safe. AerOx Medical does not contain any peracetic acids, aldehydes, quats or chlorine.

Key Properties:
  • Special formulation ensures that hydrogen peroxide concentration in the air remains high and the hydrogen peroxide does not decompose in water and oxygen before having reached surfaces.
  • Extra broad spectrum of efficacy. specifically suited for medical environments.
  • Producing ultra small particles, with good penetration abilities and quickly diffusible.
  • Dense fog with ultra small drops ensures all areas, crevices and holes are reached effectively.
  • With Acrofogger equipment the liquid produces a dry mist with 90% of the droplets smaller than 10 micron. these small droplets will float in the air for a prolonged period and have a fast kill effect on microbes.
  • Free of aldehydes. quats and phenols.

Extra broad spectrum and safe HPV:
AerOx Medical provides for a broad spectrum kill of various pathogens. including bacteria, fungi, yeasts. IBC, mycobacceria. viruse and spores — including C. difficile. MRSA. and VRE.

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  AEROX Fogging Solution
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