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Ultrasan Floor
> Formulated specifically for high capacity and economical cleaning and disinfection.
> Effective against a broad range of microorganisms.The product is bactericidal,
fungicidal and virucidal.
> Leaves only minimal residue.
> Residual antimicrobial effect for up to 8 hours.
> Microfiber compatible.
> Effective deodorizer: Eliminates (destroys) odors and odorcausing bacteria.
> User safe, environmentally friendly,fully biodegradable. 
Disinfecting a visibly dirty floor 
Aseptix recommends cleaning first if soil is visibly present. However, ALL products of Aseptix are also tested in HIGH SOIL conditions, and pass these tests. The products can handle dirt, soil and blood very well (contrary to quats). So, under normal circumstances, our products can be used to clean and disinfect in one step, but in heavy soiled environments cleaning beforehand is strongly recommended. Aseptix’ products are cleaner disinfectants, but the focus is on disinfection.
Compatibility with different floor materials
Aseptix recommends testing concentrated products before use in an invisible place. The products are tested extensively in material compatibility tests, but to avoid any problems, testing before hand is recommended. Most floor materials will not be a problem. Marble floors are not compatible with
our products, and other porous floors require extra caution. Because of the cleaning capacity of our products, a waxed or linoleum floor will be slowly stripped from the wax layer (as with all cleaning products). Periodic waxing is advised. Non waxed linoleum floors do not pose a problem.
Compatibility with tap water containing chlorine
Diluting the product with chlorine containing tap water is no problem at all. The product has been tested in external, independent laboratories with hard water from the tap.Chlorine in lower concentrations is not an issue. Do not mix our products with bleach however. All our products are tested and approved in standard conditions, meaning tap water with high ion load, dirty conditions with proteins and soil.
UltraSan® Floor is a high performance floor cleaner-disinfectant concentrate, suited for demanding applications, for example health care including nursing care, long term care facilities, dental care,pharmaceutical environments, health & wellness facilities, spa’s, resorts, children day care facilities,swimming pools, sauna’s, etc. 

  Ultrasan Floor
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