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The CareBag absorbent bag is the unique combination of an easy-to-close hermetic bag equipped with a GelMax Super
Absorbent Pad inside.

The active particles in the pad quickly solidify fluids and materials upon
contact. Once sealed, the risk of spills, splashes and odors are
significantly reduced.

It can easily fit most containers (bedpans, buckets, basins, etc) that are
potentially infectious.

Bedpan Liner
Designed for patients pre and post general anesthesia. Ideal for patients during resumption of normal bowel motility following digestive tract surgery. For patients on medical wards, clinics and rehabilitation centers.  ...

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Vomit Bag
The CareBag� Vomit Bag with Superabsorbent Pad was specifically designed to replace the traditional emesis basin and can be used by children or adults. Housed in a convenient dispenser box, the individual bag absorbs emesis in seconds and confines odors. When closed and tied, the vomit bag eliminates clean-up associated with disposable or reusable emesis basins.  ...

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Men’s Urinal bag
Using the cost effective, disposable CareBag® Men’s Urinal with Super Absorbent Pad is an environmental control that lessens the risk of contact and environmental contamination. The unique Super Absorbent Pad transitions up to 16 oz (450 ml) of urine to gel in seconds. By slowing down the urea decay process and reducing air oxidation, the gel significantly reduces unpleasant odors and decreases the risk of contact exposure.  ...

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No-Rinse Shampoo
The pre-moistened, no-rinse Aqua® Shampoo Glove is impregnated on both sides with a dermatologically tested scientific shampoo formula that removes excess sebum and leaves hair fresh, sparkling clean, odor-free & manageable. The Aqua® Shampoo Glove is also equipped with a plastic protective inner liner offering an additional layer of protection for the caregiver.  ...

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Aqua Total Hygiene Wash Glove
Total Hygiene No-Rinse Wash Glove is designed to deliver a waterless bathing without soap, rinsing and drying of bedridden & dependent patient.  ...

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Super-Absorbent powder
The GelMax® powder is recommended for absorbing and gelifying liquids and various fluids. This process results in a compact amalgam that is easy to handle and clean, and captures bad smells. This product can be sprinkled directly onto the wet objects (e.g. in the urology operating theatre).  ...

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Super-Absorbent pouch
The single-dose water-soluble sachet can be used to collect liquids in small containers (urinal, suction bottle, bottle, kidney dish, bags etc.). When it comes into contact with the liquid, the envelope of the sachet will quickly dissolve so that the active substances of the GelMax® powder can act, by resorption and gelification.  ...

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Super-Absorbent pad
The GelMax® is incorporated into the structure of the pad (13 cm wide and 24 cm long). The absorption and gelification process is triggered as soon as the liquids and soft materials come into contact with the product. Place the pad into a collection tray or a waste container so that it can be used easily and safely. It may also be used as an additional source of absorption for the CareBag® range if necessary.  ...

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